"We created Bellybees to ensure the environment our children grow up in is safe and healthy.  It is our duty to be sustainable and preserve our next generation. as our company grew we introduced a few more brands to make life a little fun in a safe environment"




Rohanthi Wijewickrama l Founder/ CEO & Kushal Wijewickrama l Director

Husband and Wife partnership, A published author, 25 years total experience in Manufacturing and Retail industries, Represented Sri Lanka at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Winner of National Business Excellence Awards, Winner of National Women Entrepreneur Award, Winner of Western Province Entrepreneur Award, Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka Award Winner, Entrepreneur Award Winner, International CEO Award Winner, Certified in Lean manufacturing, appointed as a Board Director for 4 companies total and parents to two beautiful children.

Being a parent is the hardest yet most rewarding role we play. Our responsibilities in preserving the livelihood of our children has paved the way to the commitment of uplifting the sustainability of the entire next generation.

Just like you, we like to dream big and we understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts. We created Quebee Den so you can have a peace of mind to ensure that you have a healthy and safe environment to achieve your goals.

From our family to yours.. this is why we do the things we do.. to ensure the environment our children grow up in is safe, that is why Quebee Den exists. 


It all started in Minnesota in 2002, a little sketch during my marketing class evolved into a big dream.  Of course I had no working capital so my drawings were just a hobby.


Years later, after we moved to Canada, we came across my box of dreams. Only then, I began to do my research, product testing in my own kitchen, reading and researching... After we moved back to Sri Lanka in 2013 we immediately understood the potential the Sri Lankan market has and the untapped resources waiting to be utilized.   


With the help of my father, we began our work on a ready-to-eat nutritional product that’s suitable for the growing children of Sri Lanka.  Of course my son was only 5 months at the time so it gave us first had experience into the world of infant taste buds and only then the company “Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd” was established and the brand, BELLYBEES was born.


Within minutes of our first trade show, we knew we were onto something BIG. Together, with our amazing team, we continued to use our strengths in design and creative innovation to bring new products to the market. And very quickly, my classroom dream grew to be one of the most recognized brands in the Infant food industry of Sri Lanka.  Today, bellybees is in par with worldwide brands and available in all supermarkets throughout Sri Lanka.

As our Kids grew up so did the company and we introduced a few more brands to keep up with the changes. With the brands ROKX, MYTIME and Pooch we were able to tackle those ever increasing demands that we face as parents.