Picky Eaters

Many toddlers do not like certain foods.. Just like any adult. It is frustrating because what works for one child most definitely will not work for the other one. (My experience at least).

Few things to remember when you are dealing with picky eaters;

  • Of course serve your child what he or she wants to eat. For example, if they only like past, and hate everything else….. give them pasta.. But make sure to grate vegetables and mix it up so they don’t realize that they are actually getting their vegetables in. "Bellybees" makes great puree’s that you can add to the pasta.

  • It is easier when you have your toddler help you cook.. Like stirring and serving..

  • Try not to put them on the high chair before the meal is ready.. and keep to a meal schedule this way your toddler with recognize the pattern and be ready when its meal time.

  • When they are finally eating, try not to draw too much attention to what they are doing or force them to try food. Remember, toddlers usually eat only one full meal a day and the rest they just pick on it and that’s perfectly normal.

  • Do not walk around the house or run behind your child trying to feed them. Have discipline!! get them to sit with you in one place. Give them an activity, like a book or a toy to get their attention away (That’s if you’re feeding them)