Potty Training

Potty training is one of the most mind boggling, messy, frustrating yet more rewarding milestones in your kids life. It is important to be patient and kind during this transition time. Few tips to remember;

  • Get your child’s full attention

  • Combine speaking with gestures as children’s remember visual signals

  • Be consistent – use the same word to describe the situation. For example “Go to the potty”

  • Show your child exactly what to do

  • Always combine Verbal, Visual and Physical action to help your child learn and accomplish the situation

  • At the beginning take your child to the potty every two to three hours so they recognize what to do

  • Give Positive feedback – if they do it wrong do not yell, show them what is correct

Some children are more confident and learns faster than others. It is important that you do not compare your child to another. DO NOT DESTROY THEIR CONFIDENCE on commenting on what they do wrong.

Many children start potty training between 18 months and two years. When your child is ready, he or she will show these characteristics;

  • Remain dry for three to four hours

  • Awake from nap dry

  • Pass a lot of urine at a time

  • Tell their bladder is full