Spend Time with your kids - Why its important and few ways you can make it fun...

As parent, we adapt to the normalcy of everyday life and special moments become mediocre and suddenly your 5 month old baby becomes 5 years old.. Then the school rush begins and suddenly they are 18 years old graduates who are moving out and off to college. Then, you are all alone at home pressurizing your now newly married children to have kids of their own so you can fill a void of spending time with your grand kids, because you failed to do so when your own children were small.

To be fair, who can keep up with it all… Car pools, lunch bags, after-school activities, dinner, homework, bath time, bedtime, sports practice, birthday parties, All on top of your own job while balancing being a plumper, a gardener, a teacher and lets not forget the other realities of being an adult.

End of the day you have just enough energy to walk over to your washroom to take a shower and drag yourself to bed so you can wake up early in the morning to start the same routine all over again. But, that is the world we live in for the majority of us.

Yet, with the challenges of adulthood, we often miss the small, special moments of our kids childhood. Spending time with your children is the one thing that is easily scarified yet the most important thing we should do as parents. Everyday brings new growth, new milestones and new moments we can never get back. It is important to spend at least 30 minutes each day with your children doing what they want to do.

Of course, you will always have those days when you are required to do adult things more than you anticipated and those days where things are not all perfect with your kids either. Research shows that Children who spend at least 20 minutes a day with their children builds self-esteem, confidence and a positive sense of self-worth. So, keep in mind to create special moments when life gets a little hard. Because one day all you can hope for is that your presence created a good little human who has the ability to change the world to the better.

What has worked best for us me while running bellybees is “scheduling time” I schedule my time for everything.. it gives me a sense of balance and I am able to accomplish everything from work to kids activities on a daily basis as well as weekend adult activities. A minimum of 30 minutes everyday is spent playing with kids from “Floor is Lava” to “Lego” to just colouring.. It doesn’t cost any money because all they want to do is just hang out with you…. That’s just pure love.. right there…

Here are some activities you can do with your kids

1- Make Ice Cream Sundas

2- Do some gardening

3- Colouring contest

4- Judging Role Plays and singing competition

5- Cricket, Soccer and any sport

6- Family movie night

7- Family dinner time

8- Living room camping